Labor Day: Live in Graham

Labor Day is dear to our hearts. For one thing it honors the Laborer, whose efforts spent in the course of a Summer, have come to bear as Fruit; ready for the Harvests of Autumn. For another reason, this year Musicosophy has opened and closed the Traditional Summer season in nearly the same spot. While Memorial Day weekend saw us performing at the Corner Grill, Labor Day weekend finds us performing behind the Grill on Colonial Stage before the whole Town.

This will be in the mysterious, labyrinthine Cloister that makes up the service back-alleys to the shops and business on Main Street. Combined with a parking lot or two and the stage which the municipality has built in the back corner, it makes a lovely and fine area for a medium to large gathering. Barricades will restrict vehicular traffic and pedestrians will be allowed free access. To the delight of all passers-by, the Original Musicosophy band will be performing its lively Jazz, Soul, Funk, and Native Tarheel Ubi-Jubi in its characteristic effervescent style. Bring a friend and a Smile and they will share theirs with you!

Friday night September 4th 2015 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Free to the Public. Safe for Families and Children. Bring a chair to sit in.


June 12 Live in Graham

We will be performing Friday night at our favorite hangout in Graham, NC. The Event Posters describe it thusly:

  • See Musicosophy perform the ‘Dance of the Dog People’; hear Ras Jambo hit that warbled High-note in ‘Hope’; jive around to ‘the Jive Note’ and hear authentic Native Tar-heel Ubi-Jubi music; see how the Original Musicosophy band plays those haunting guitar chords on ‘Innocent Love’, Live and Direct. Witness the Magic, be a part of the Fun!
  • What is Authentic Native Tar-Heel Ubi-Jubi music? It is based upon an Indigenous African Syncopation, known as the 3/2 Clave, which arrived in the Southeastern US via of ‘the North American Passage’ and became naturalized in the old home-places and back-water ‘hollers’ of Piedmont North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. It renders entire communities of participants synchronous without resort to rigid and autocratic stipulation-isms. It makes an excellent improvisational device for drum-circles and the like. Done well, it stimulates the body to eurhythmic spontaneity and promotes dancing.

Memorial Day Performance

The Original Musicosophy band has a favorite hangout in the center of downtown Graham, NC. The place is quite well-known. And though it sits right on the corner of the town-square, there is a secret courtyard behind and a passage that is infrequently travelled. Few indeed are the persons who comprehend the labyrinthine connections that look out upon the rear-facing courtyard. Sometime around early September, we will have a hoodoo-bash adjacent to this courtyard and its mysterious passage-ways and perhaps you can see its enchantment for yourself.

And so we begin our story with Memorial Day Weekend, the official start of Outdoor Celebrations by commenting upon the ‘official’ close of the Summer Season. We know already that last night’s event was quite special and well-received. There will be many, many events prior to September. You are invited to join the fun and be a part of the magic. In fact, why not bring your friends; you will be graciously received!